Jackass Presents – Bad Grandpa

Jackass Presents - Bad GrandpaJackass Presents – Bad Grandpa

Jackass Presents – Bad Grandpa After many years of dropping from the 3D movie and the news of Steve Dunn’s loss, it was until Jack Ass.

The new sector has been released for quite some time. But when they came, they didn’t seem to be disappointed with Bad Grandpa that this time, Jack Ass asked to play a role.

Irving Sysman, 86, was traveling across America. Along with unexpected travel companions This is his 8-year-old grandson Billy.

“Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa,” Irving Sysman (Johnny Knoxville), a character from Jackass.

And Billy (Jackson Nicholl) will take the audience on an exciting road trip. In front of the best hidden cameras

The film continues to be directed by Jeff Treament from Jackass’s big movie, from the first part to the last 3D.

Come in the new sector, ask for something to change After that, he managed to scald and dip the script.

And the rest is to let the actors go live, prank people in front of the camera themselves.

Until I got this movie Having said that, the movie is no different from the mood of Saranae.

Hao Peng, or anything like that of our home. When the show pranks people thinking of making a movie with a script, the fun and hilarity has to be reduced to normal.ดูหนังออนไลน์

Because the speech and situation have to be given, it is in an erratic frame.

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