Half storey brick house Beautiful outside Emphasize warmth

Half storey brick house Beautiful outside Emphasize warmthHalf storey brick house Beautiful outside Emphasize warmth  Hello everyone in the home web site. 

For today, let’s take you to see some classic houses. Which will be a half-floor brick house Give it a traditional vibe Decorated in a cute and warm way. 

Also located in the middle of the forest Looks very inviting to live in.

The exterior of the house is built with light colored bricks, the roof is covered with dark tiles. 

The entrance to the house is a staircase leading up to a solid-tone wooden door with a white border attached to a sliding glass window. รับออกแบบบ้าน

Half storey brick house Beautiful

Stand out from the brick patterned area

The interior is elegantly decorated in a classic style. Giving a traditional feel with old patterns.

The color scheme of the furniture and decorations will emphasize the brown color.

And the material will focus on wood The most outstanding is the staircase that is beautifully designed and uniquely.

Perfectly decorated both outside and inside, suitable for building a house in the forest or the suburbs.

 In the budget It will fall at about 800,000 – 1,000,000 in the construction. 

When calculating from the usable area of ​​85 square meters

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