cons Laminate vs rubber tiles

cons Laminate vs rubber tilescons Laminate vs rubber tiles

cons Laminate vs rubber tiles Compare the advantages – disadvantages , laminate flooring with rubber tiles, which will be something interesting that today, the sub wazadu has arrived. Let’s see it.

Compare Raw Material

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring Made from wood powder or wood dust derived from hardwood. Through the process of compression Or finely ground by mixing various chemicals such as melamine and moisture-proof additives. To react to the material effectively And more durability Until it turns out to be a strong wood plate Suitable to be used as a core layer. And the bottom floor of the laminate floor

The top layer of the laminate floor. Will be a layer that gives a beautiful texture like real wood Which patterns are obtained from the use of realistic wood grain photography Or designed by computer And then covered with melamine, laminate and resin coated. To make these patterns or textures more scratch resistant. 

Rubber tile floor

Rubber tiles are commonly used today. Raw materials used for production are divided into 2 main categories as follows:

– Made from natural raw materials such as rubber, etc.

– Manufactured from scientifically processed polymers such as vinyl synthetics, PVC rubber, polyurethane, etc.รับออกแบบบ้าน

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