The Conjuring – Old fashioned haunting

The Conjuring - Old fashioned hauntingThe Conjuring – Old fashioned haunting

The Conjuring – Old fashioned haunting It’s really the horror movie of the year. Because of foreign reviews, both viewers and critics have referred to it.

as a terrifying and terrifying horror movie that had to put up a warning sign before going to the theater. This movie can cause a heart attack with The Conjuring or in the Thai name is the ghost caller.

The Conjuring is the story of a couple of ghost hunters investigating the supernatural. Who was invited to a house that was recently moved.ดูหนังออนไลน์

into by a small family Who pushed to meet the mysterious dark spirits that were still waiting for him To haunt the house, with Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson starring in the movie Ron Livingston, Joey King and McKenzie Foy.

The Conjuring – Old fashioned haunting

The Conjuring is a directing by James Wan from the low-cost ghost movie.

That made a name for him like Insidious, including Saw in the first part that made it into the famous fries.

Like Insidious, his new ghost film The Conjuring is a low-cost ghost movie, with only $ 20 million in capital.

setting a background in 1971 that emphasizes the old mood. And sell productions as well

What we have noticed from the ghost of James Wan since Insidious arrives at.

The Conjuring is that he will be the director of the genre of ghost films that do not focus on stuns, chills or scare.

but instead will gradually suppress the audience’s emotions with scenes that Uncomfortable and frightening, although there are no scant or nauseating scenes.

the movie can make us close our eyes and plug our ears because of the fear of the sound and the ambience, the Conjuring is one of them.

Because even though the story is in the same old style ghost movies that we see .

these days Is that the family moved home and found a ghost Therefore had to call an expert to subdue.

But probably because director James Wan held that the hand was enough.

It can make seemingly ordinary horror movies like The Conjuring look classy and terrifying instantly.

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